CAPS BS 11 TERM 1 WEEK 4 – 5

TOPIC – Contemporary socioeconomic issues

• The impact of contemporary socio-economic issues on business operations, and their challenges; decisions for specific business situations
— The impact of contemporary socio-economic issues on business operations and productivity, e.g. income, inflation, social, cultural and demographic issues, economic crime, ethical misconduct (sexual harassment, corruption, mismanagement of funds, etc.), population growth, illiteracy, lack of skills, unavailability of natural resources, inefficiency in the use of resources, dumping, exhaustion of natural resources, piracy, strikes
• Possible business solutions/contributions to deal with the socioeconomic issues
— Piracy: the nature and definition of each intellectual property right
o Copyright
o Patent
o Trade mark
— Investigation of developments in industrial relations that relate to contemporary business practice
o Labour strikes, go-slows and lockouts
o Labour Relations Act (nature and purpose)
o What is a trade union?
o History of trade unions
o Roles of trade unions
o Functions of trade unions