Housekeeping – Responsibilities



  • It is expected that you reside on the property at night during the term, even if you are off duty, as we cannot have a section without a staff member over-night
  • Has a responsibility to take care of disabled or injured learners after school and at Night
  • Assist young disabled learners with feeding, bath, toilet training, grooming and dressing up. (eg broken legs and arms)
  • Maintain safety in the hostel in terms of drugs, sexual abuse, physical abuse and general safety and cleanliness
  • Apply basic communication skills in interacting with the children
  • Observe children all the time and take care of them when they are sick
  • Observe children always during meal times. Check for choking, fair quantities served per boarder
  • Matrons to ensure they eat before their duty or during their rest
  • Matrons must be visible at all times around the
  • Promote and uphold the rights of children
  • Maintain neatness and cleanliness in the hostel
  • Promote welfare of learners
  • Make sure that learners are on time for school and are in proper clean and ironed uniform
  • See to it that during meal time food is dished for learners who are at sport
  • Escort learners to hospital/clinic and town if necessary
  • Keep registers and files for all learners under your care
  • Assist learners with mobility and orientation
  • Reception of parents and visitors to the hostel
  • Transport the children to school when necessary
  • The duties and responsibility guide for a Housekeeping supervisor is for guidance, from time to time you will be called on to assist when necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • On call for emergencies at all times, even when you are off duty.