CAPS BS 10 TERM 3 WEEK 1 – 2 Creative thinking and problem solving

TOPIC – Creative thinking and problem solving

• Creative thinking and its contribution towards successful and sustainable business practice
• Creative thinking to generate entrepreneurial opportunities and to solve business problems

  • Problem solving:
  • Research skills -finding information to assist with problem solving
  • Problem solving versus decision making
  • Problem-solving cycle: identification of the problem, definition of the problem, formulation of the strategy, implementation of the strategy, allocation of resources, monitoring problem solving and evaluation of the problem-solving process
  • Problem-solving techniques (e.g. Force-Field Analysis, Chair Technique, Empty Chair Technique, Delphi Technique, Nominal Group Technique, brainstorming, Forced Combinations, SCAMPER)
    — The use of indigenous knowledge to solve problems and identify business opportunities
    — The use of mind mapping, brainstorming and creative thinking/idea generation to identify innovative and entrepreneurial business opportunities
    — The use of non-conventional thinking to identify innovative business opportunities
    — Ways in which creative business opportunities can realistically be implemented