CAPS BS 11 TERM 3 WEEK 3 – 6 Marketing Function

TOPIC – Marketing function

The aspects of the marketing function: marketing activities; product policy; pricing policy; distribution; marketing communication; foreign marketing.

• Marketing activities (e.g. product policy, pricing policies, marketing distribution, marketing communication)
— Marketing: locating the consumer, standardisation and grading, storage, transport, financing, risk-bearing, and buying & selling
— Product policy: product development, design, packaging and trademarks
— Distribution policy: channels of distribution, intermediaries, direct and indirect distribution
— Communication policy: sales promotion, advertising, publicity and personal selling
— Pricing policy: importance of pricing, pricing techniques, price determination, factors influencing pricing, price adjustments
• Marketing in the formal and informal sectors.
• Use of technology for marketing (electronic marketing, etc.)
• Foreign marketing: imports and exports.
• Alignment of foreign marketing and the production function
(e.g. systems, planning, safety, quality and costing)