Matron-on -Duty – 06:20

SECOND BELL – Silence (lead into dining hall)


Silence to be maintained until all learners are in the dinning hall

  • The matter of prayer be observed must be respectfully and tactfully handled.
  • It is best to ensure that the hostel has a policy in place that is given to parents prior to admission to the hostel
  • The school hostel still fall under the control of the Education Department with the principal being accountable for what happens in the Hostel.

For the purpose of order the Teacher-in-Charge or the Matron-on-Duty will ring a bell for silence and soon after that for the prayer.

  • The choice on who does the prayer is determine by the hostel policy dictated the observance of this practice in the public domain.
  • Again this topic must be seen in a sensitive light and must the rights of the parent and child as enshrined in our constitution be respected.

Medicine – Before the end of breakfast all the learners need to collect their medication from the matron.

  • All issuing of medication must be recorded to avoid under or over medication taking place
  • Keeping a record allow the matron to inform the parents if in the case of chronic medication, that a refill is needed.
  • Where learners are using medication for ADHD it is especially important that the Matron or teacher-on-duty is vigilant. Some learners wish to avoid the taking of this type of medication because of the side effects. 
  • To be advise that any side effects from medication to be reported to the parent as soon as it becomes evident.